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Saved here because of reasons. The original link: http://yj-anon-meme.livejournal.com/6185.html?thread=18310953#t18310953

Fandom: Young Justice.
Summary: Ra's and Talia use the developments at the end of Usual Suspects to get that heir Ra's so desperately wants.
Rating: Teen.
Warnings: Rape, discussed in hindsight. (Also, The Jeremy Kyle Show.)
Batman, Dick Grayson's Robin, Talia Al Ghul, Ra's Al Ghul, Damian Al Ghul, Alfred, Superman & Wonder Woman. (Oh, and Jeremy Kyle.)
Anything up to and including Usual Suspects.


A fill I did for the AC Kink Meme back in November 2011. I liked it, and eventually remembered to post it here. A pity I'm one of those anons who can only write small pieces.

Untitled, Ezio/Yusuf. Slash, nothing more explicit than flirting and a kiss. Eh.  AC belongs to Ubisoft, can't think of anything else really...

Teeny Tiny Fill Fic HereCollapse )


A ST 2009 mini I wrote back in 2010. I was looking through some of my old stuff, and noticed the nice reviews, and thought I'd add it to my little collection of things I write that I like. The only editing has been to delete some line breaks to make the paragraphs a little more cohesive. The differently-presented version can be found at fanfiction.net

(Thus far, that like-list is only about four stories long. Considering how much I've written since I got into fanfiction (what, in 2006?), that's kind of worrying.)

It's not as if he doesn't understand, but... it's not logical. [Very onesided slash]

Here be VulcansCollapse )


Summary: common symptoms of schizophrenia include [Mistaken identity for Angst_Bingo]

Fandom: Bleach

Pairings: none

Warnings: uh... none, I guess.

Rating: 13+, just to be totally safe.

Spoilers: for the Fullbring Arc.

Disclaimer: I'm just a poor girl / from a poor family~ (AKA, I own nothing)
Tell Me Collapse )

(non) amici

Summary: He is there, bleeding and dying. I am here, not knowing even who I am. [Memories for Angst_Bingo]

Fandom: Bleach

Rating: 16+

Warnings: A little swearing. Some blood. Lots of mindscrew.

Spoilers: Chapter 458

Disclaimer: I am merely borrowing Kubo's characters out of my love and respect for both him and his creations. I myself do not own anything.
Book of the EndCollapse )

The Morning After The Apocalypse Before

Summary: Sometimes he feels guilty, but mostly he's just lonely. [Written for the Angst_Bingo prompt 'post-apocalypse'.]

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: Suitable for those aged 16+

Spoilers: For series five. It gets a bit AU after that.

Pairing: Dean/Cas, Jimmy/Amelia

Warnings: Implied sex, slash, swearing.

Disclaimer: Everything in this story belongs to the owners of Supernatural, not me.
After The ApocalypseCollapse )


Summary- Trapped like an animal, a human. Always being watched. Confined. Limited.  [Angst_Bingo's Captivity prompt]

Fandom- Supernatural

Rating- Again, suitable for 16+.

Pairings- none

Warnings- non-graphic torture. Implications of extreme violence. Some swearing.

Spoilers: For Series 5.

Disclaimer: Supernatural is not, has not, nor will ever be my property. I am merely borrowing the characters out of deep respect and adoration of the creators and their creation.

Is It The Apocalypse Yet?Collapse )

EDIT: I just realised that I suddenly switched from present to past tense. Several times. Fixed it.

I am sure

Summary: He's never fought Amelia like this before. [For the Angst_Bingo prompt 'Arguments/Fighting'.]

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Jimmy/Amelia, Dean/Cas

Rating: I should think that this is suitable for those aged 16 or over.

Warnings: Implied slash. Slight homophobia, or at least strong disapproval.

Spoilers: For series 4, not so much for series 5.

Disclaimer: The only thing in this story that I own is a copy of the King James Bible. All else is property of their respective owners.
After The ApocalypseCollapse )


Tsukishima is seriously fucking scary. Manga characters don't usually creep me out, but hey. Always a first time. D:


Watching Eurovision- actually, no, just BEING in Europe when Eurovision is on is seriously weird. Every time someone mentions a participant by their country, I think of the Hetalia character and get the wrong idea. Have a lovelyt example from five minutes ago:

"Sweden looks HOT"
"LOL, I agree yea yummy"
"Actually, I thought he's kind of int- oh wait  DELETE POST!!!

Such is life. I'm half-happy Hidekaz hasn't written about it. Would be pretty funny as the UK always loses and we invented the damn thing. Ah, well, there's no way Ireland will beat us THIS YEAR!!! We have Blue, they have Jedward. >:)

EDIT: I'd eat my words, but sadly they are not printed on tacos.